Leadership Training – The Leaders Map Explained (Part 2)

logo - CopyIn our last newsletter, we promised that we would answer some frequently asked questions about our brand new program – here they are!

Q: What do I get from the program?
A: Participants engage in a series of discussions and activities specifically designed to deliver unique leadership training with impact. The training occurs “on the trail” allowing participants to not only experience unique leadership training but also enjoy some beautiful countryside.

Q: How many people can attend a trek?
A: To maximise the learning experience group sizes are limited to a maximum of 16. Larger groups can be accommodated on request.

Q: How do I join a group?
A: Currently we offer our program to corporate clients and they provide participants. However we have had a lot of interest from individuals and smaller organisations so we are now taking expressions of interest to put together a public group.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: That depends on the trek.  Some equipment is provided and participants will receive a detailed list of what to bring on each trek. All meals are provided for the duration of each trip.

Q: How fit do you have to be to attend?
A: Participants need reasonable fitness & be medically fit to carry a backpack weighing approximately 20 kgs, to walk on varying terrain, eat basic rations & sleep in basic protection from the elements.

Q: Is it dangerous?
A: Every care is taken to ensure safety, however bushwalking & camping pose inherent risks.

If you have any other questions you would like answered feel free to email us. The best question received (as judged by our panel) by 12th May 2015 will receive a $50 Myer voucher. The winner will be notified via email.

We also promised to tell you more about the MASTERY and AWARENESS components of our M.A.P. & C.O.M.P.A.S.S. program, so here’s a little more detail on the first 2 legs:


The Mastery leg of the program is all about you, exploring what makes you tick. On this leg of your leadership development journey we explore the following areas:

  • Your personality – participants complete a personality profile
  • Your values, attitudes, beliefs and ethics – what you stand for as a leader
  • How you view the outside world
  • What motivates you and how you go about getting it
  • Your reward system
  • Your personal “style” when it comes to leadership, communication and conflict resolution
  • Your coping & relaxation strategies
  • Your strengths and weaknesses

This leg is a vital starting point in the program. In order to lead others effectively, we must first better understand ourselves.


The AWARENESS leg of the program focuses on others – those that we lead and with whom we interact. On the second leg of your leadership development journey we unpack the following:

  • Other personality types and the impact of our personality upon them
  • How perception can affect attitude
  • Gaining commitment and engagement from the team
  • Creating a sense of team
  • Generational, Cultural & Social diversity
  • Thinking styles and Emotional Intelligence
  • Incorporating strategy, vision and mission into the team
  • Goal-setting

This leg is about creating a deeper awareness of others and how perception will influence behaviours in others.

Our program is designed to be flexible, to meet your organisation’s needs. And if you don’t need the entire program, we can tailor a solution for you!

In our next newsletter, we’ll answer some more frequently asked questions and take a look at the Planning leg of the program. In the meantime, click here to “Like” our Facebook page.


Leigh Aitken
Founder and Lead Trainer
0411 238 637

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